Kylie Jenner is pregnant?!

Short of breath.

Give me a second.

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According to People & TMZ, Kylie Jenner (who is 13 20 years old) is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby. If you just Google’d “Who is Travis Scott,” it’s okay, so did I. I guess he’s a rapper? Unclear.


Kylie and Travis have been together since April and he’s reportedly been telling his friends that they’re having a baby and it’s a girl.

Honestly, I am so surprised but I’m not surprised at all. This family can’t just like, chill for a sec. Nothing is going on with Rob and Chyna at the moment, Kim’s surrogate is doing just fine, and Khloe is happily dating. They needed a scandal and here it comes in the form of a very uplanned pregnancy – hopefully.

This poor girl is going to grow up and wonder why she wasn’t blessed with vuluptuous lips like her Mom’s. #tragic

When Rob and Chyna had a baby, I was like “wow, those two are not ready to be parents.”


I don’t think Kylie knows how to fold her sheets let alone how to raise a baby. Lucky for her, Kris Jenner is probably going to swoop in and raise this baby as her own. She’ll tell everyone that Kylie is, like, SUCH a good mom, though.

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I guess the good news is, it’s not Tyga’s baby. Let’s think about that for a second. King and this new baby would have been half siblings AND cousins. Bullet successfully dodged.

Either way, I can’t deal with this, I can’t handle it, I am not okay. Kylie, GIRL, you are too much.

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