The new Bachelor is WHO!?


I have been waiting for WEEKS for the new Bachelor to be announced. I have been trolling Twitter, reading Reality Steve blogs, Googling “who is the new Bachelor,” just, like, really investing my time in this extremely important topic. I heard rumors flying, and I didn’t like the sound of a lot of them. But, THIS? This I did not expect.
The new Bachelor is Arie Luyendyk Jr. I know what you’re thinking: Who?
Here’s a picture of him, maybe that’ll help jog your memory. (I’m kidding it won’t, because nobody remembers/cares about him):

Apparently he was on Emily Maynard’s season which, like, hmmm…don’t care. I didn’t watch her season because as beautiful as she is she’s boring AF and I didn’t want to put myself through that.

What were you thinking, ABC!? How is this the outcome you landed on? Emily’s season was filmed in 2012, do you really think people still care about this guy? Answer: no.

I’m shook to the core, I really am.

I don’t even think I’m going to watch enjoy this season!

Here’s a list of people I would have rather seen as The Bachelor:

  • Ben Z
  • Peter
  • Luke
  • Ben H
  • Whaboom
  • Tickle Monster
  • Nick Viall
  • Jack Stone
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Derek Hough
  • Steven Tyler
  • Bob Barker
  • Ryan Cabrera
  • Gary Busey

Honestly the list goes on and on. Moral of the story: I AM NOT PLEASED.

*rant over.*

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