Weekend Small Talk – 9.1.17

Is it just me, or has nothing really been going on this week? Ugh, what am I supposed to talk about this weekend?

Something weird is going on in Bachelor Nation

Mike Fleiss is seriously tugging at our heart strings with this one. For those who aren’t completely consumed by the internet and the reality TV world, Mike Fleiss is the Producer of the Bachelor.

First, he tweeted out that they would never want a Bachelor who wasn’t ready to settle down and get married. Clearly about Peter, right?

Well, now Reality Steve is sating he has very close sources saying that Peter will be the Bachelor and it’s going to be announced soon.

Mike Fleiss tweeted this string of tweets yesterday:
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.45.07 AM.png
My heart can’t take it. What is happening that’s *TRULY SHOCKING?* Are they canceling the show? Are they announcing Peter as The Bachelor? If it’s not Peter, I will literally boycott this show be so annoyed every Monday at 8pm when I turn on ABC.

Taylor Swift’s video broke major records

I’m officially a huge fan of “Look What You Made Me Do.” Maybe not as big of a fan as Spencer Pratt, but a fan nonetheless. If you haven’t seen the music video yet, I suggest you watch it. Taylor is throwing some major shade at lots of people, and calling attention to everything that’s been said about her in the past year.

The video hold the following records:

  • Most views in it’s first 24 hours
  • Most Spotify streams in it’s first day
  • Most lyric video views in it’s first day
  • Taylor Swift’s biggest YouTube debut

The girl may be crazy, but she know’s how to get people talking.

Taylor and Derek are engaged

Taylor and Derek from Bachelor in Paradise are reportedly engaged and he got her a $60,000 ring.
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.57.41 AM.png
I have literally nothing else to say on the subject.
Gossip Girl is 10 years old

Wait, seriously? I can still remember reading these books in middle school and my Mom telling me that I can’t anymore because a review on the back said it was “Sex and the City for the Younger set.” I read them anyways (sorry, Mom.)

I almost had a panic attack when I found out they were making it into a show.
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.04.12 AM.png

For anyone who read the books, you know that the show took some creative liberties when it came to the characters. Like, Jenny was supposed to have curly brown hair and massive boobs, and Vanessa was supposed to be bald.
Aside from that, the show was everything. The storylines were beyond implausible and they all traded boyfriends/girlfriends an uncomfortable amount of times, but it was pure gold. Blake Lively and Leighton Meester have both said they’d be open to doing some sort of reunion, so here’s hoping.

You know you love me.
Gossip Girl


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