Weekend Small Talk – 8.25.17

Another weekend is upon us and I’m rounding up some of the most important stories of the week to keep you informed and in the know. Have fun impressing all of your friends with your vast array of knowledge.

Taylor Swift is releasing new music

In the most extra way possible, Taylor Swift announced that she would be putting out a new album in November. She’s been MIA for a while, but she is back. Leading up to her announcement, she deleted everything from all of her social media channels, and literally nobody could stop talking about it. For anyone who didn’t know this was going on, I’m sorry to hear you don’t have the internet.
giphy (7).gif
People were freaking out wondering what this all means. She posted 3 weird videos of snakes, obviously referring to the fact that people have been calling her a snake for the past year. I mean, can’t say I disagree. The whole Kanye thing was super fucking annoying and I hate Kanye West.


Her new album is called “Reputation” and it’s obviously going to be a bunch of angsty songs about how her reputation has been tainted and nobody understands her. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m v excited. I may not always love her personality, but the girl knows how to make good music.


The first single was released last night and it’s called “Look What You Make Me Do.” Initial thoughts – not the best, but I still like it. It’s got a little bit of a 90’s/early 2000’s vibe. It’s also a little creepy, like, is she going to kill Kanye West? Idk,  it’s definitely going to take some time to grow on me but I can’t wait to hear the rest.



Jason Whaler had a baby

You probably forgot he existed, or don’t know who he is, but Jason Whaler of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame and his wife, Ashley, had a baby. They named their Delilah Ray and all I can think of is that annoying radio host who gives advice. You know the one.
I honestly didn’t even know he was married, but good for him. He’s come a long way from cheating on his girlfriends and going in and out of rehab for his alcohol and coke addictions.

giphy (8).gif

Chrissy Teigen is giving up drinking

I feel like everyone has a really strong opinion on Chrissy Teigen. They either love her or hate her, no in between. I personally love her. I think she’s hilarious and her tweets give me life. She’s always been an open book and this is no exception.

Apparently she’s been a drunk mess at awards shows one too many times and decided she should chill for a second. She was recently interviewed by Cosmo and said “I was, point blank, just drinking too much.” She admitted that she’s “made an ass” of herself on multiple occasions. Honestly, same.

giphy (9).gif

It’s unclear if she’s fully giving up alcohol, or if she’s just going to tone it down. I think it’s awesome that she’s being open about it and deciding to work on herself. You go, Chrissy.

giphy (10).gif 

Life of Kylie has bad ratings 

In news that will surprise almost nobody, Life of Kylie ratings are plummeting. Apparently nobody is interested in watching a show about a 20 year old multi-millionaire who just, like, doesn’t really want to be famous.
giphy (2).gif

The show is boring but I can’t stop watching because I get FOMO. It’s really bad, though. Nothing ever happens and there isn’t really a storyline to follow. It’s just 30 minutes  Kylie and her friend Jordan driving around, getting their make-up done, and talking about how they wish they were normal.

You know what someone who doesn’t want to be famous doesn’t do? Create a television show about it. Not buying it, Kylie.

Jade and Tanner had their baby 

Jade and Tanner, who met, fell in love, and got engaged on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, just had a baby. This is actually huge news for Bachelor Nation. Couples don’t usually stay together after these shows, let alone have babies. Honestly I’m a huge fan of this couple. I think they’re cute and normal and down to earth. I mean, they live in Kansas City.
giphy (3).gif
They named her Emerson Avery Tolbert. She’s got a full head of hair and 66K followers on Instagram. Cool.

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