It’s Over: Nick and Vanessa end their Engagement

If you haven’t heard the news, Nick and Venessa ended their engagement. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be insensitive, but L-O-L. I’ve seen this coming since the moment he got down on one knee.

The Bachelor franchise has some weird obsession with Nick, and they gave him so many chances to find love. Let’s just reminisce for a second:

-Andi’s season: runner up
-Kaitlyn’s season: runner up
-Bachelor in Paradise: breaks up with Jen (although, it’s been rumored that he stayed with her after the show, just wasn’t ready to get engaged. He broke up with her the day before he was announced as the new Bachelor. Nice!)
-The Bachelor: gets engaged to Vanessa and breaks it off after 5 months.
He also got to be on Dancing with the Stars, which, like, what? I don’t watch that show, but from what I heard, he sucked.

Nobody even wanted him to be the Bachelor, yet there he was, filling our Monday nights with rage.

His season was so boring. He spoke about 3 words the entire time. Also, remember that turtleneck? 
Literally not a soul is shocked about the breakup, and if you are, you didn’t watch his season. He and Vanessa were not on the same page about anything and there was a collective “ugh” heard ’round the world when they get engaged.
Nick: “I will literally never move to Canada.”
Vanessa: “I will literally never move to America.”
Nick: “Will you marry me?”

I’m honestly surprised they even lasted 5 months. Just long enough to get a couple solid Diff eyewear photos together.

Nick is literally scrolling through his phone sending “you up?” texts to all of the girls he kicked off of The Bachelor.

He will be on the next season of Famously Single. I’m calling it now.

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