Is this the new Laguna Beach?

I watched Siesta Key. Say what you will but I am a sucker for a trashy reality show about a group of friends who live on the beach. MTV came out of the woodworks with this one, and it’s 100% trying to be the new Laguna Beach. Apparently this kid’s dad went to MTV and said “My son and his friends would make for a great reality show,” and MTV was like “k.” Cool. The storyline is very similar to the classic LB. A group of young people who live on the beach, and how they get caught up the drama of everyday life. The only difference between Siesta Key and Laguna Beach is that the kids in Siesta Key are fresh college grads, while the Laguna crew was still in high school. This tiny difference makes me feel slightly better about the fact that I’m 26 and fully intrigued with who these people are dating and when the next party is. This also means they can be open about the fact that they’re constantly getting drunk. They had to hide it on Laguna since they were only 18. (Remember when Kristin got obliterated in Mexico and started dancing on a bar and we were supposed to believe she was sober?)

I honestly and truly cannot tell the girls on Siesta Key apart. It’s going to take me at least 3 episodes to remember even half of their names. They are all tall, thin & blonde. At least Laguna beach did us a favor and included one brunette (lookin’ at you, Jessica). These girls are all pretty hard to listen to. They talk like valley girls and are all around annoying, but I just have to find out what happens to them this summer.

Episode one gives us a love triangle, extremely similar to the Lauren, Stephen, Kristin love triangle we obsessed over when we were seniors (they’re so relatable!) This new one is annoying though because the guy they’re fighting over is very unattractive and dumb as dirt. He has big ears and he says things like “Rainbows are so pretty. But not as pretty as you.” He also turns 22 and says he “can’t talk about it cause he’s soooo old now.” Okay, goodbye forever Alex I officially hate you. At least Stephen was easy on the eyes.

I guess I get it though because his house is legitimately a palace right on the beach. It makes any of the Kardashian homes look small and it seriously infuriated me to watch. There’s also apparently been a lot of scandal surrounding this kid because he does a lot of shady animal abuse type stuff on his (dads) fishing boats. They had to cancel the MTV premier of the show because Alex was receiving death threats…yikes. Lala Kent is NOT into him at all and is covering her Instagram with messages to Alex that she’s “coming for him” and asking us to #boycottmtvsiestakey. Give them Lala, am I right?

All in all the show is definitely a waste of time and is slowly killing my brain cells but I’m going to watch it because it’s there. But trust me when I say, It will never be Laguna Beach. ​

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