I’m Kylie and this is my life

I finally got around to watching Life of Kylie, and it was exactly what I expected it to be. If you missed it, don’t worry! E! will play it on the hour every hour or you can close your eyes and imagine watching Kylie’s snaps and you’ve basically seen the show. It opens with the genius tagline “I’m Kylie and this is my life,” with an immediate zoom on the hoop earrings that are piercing through Kylie’s fingernails (cute!). The editors tried (a little too hard) to make it the anti KUWTK by adding big bold text headlines and Kylie’s Snapchats between scenes. It was exhausting to watch.

It’s no secret that everyone has a fascination with Kylie Jenner. I even had one for a period of time and I own more lip kits than I care to admit. So, it should be a surprise to nobody that she got her own show. The main focus will be Kylie (obviously), her best friend Jordan, her executive assistant (what) Victoria, her makeup Artist Ariel, her hairstylist Tokyo (who is “really good at wigs”), and her 41 identical rat dogs. I can’t tell, but I feel like they probably all live in Kylie’s house. No way she lives in that massive place alone, right? I have to admit, I was expecting at least one Kardashian/Jenner cameo in the first episode, but I guess she wants to make sure we know this is her show. 

The whole premise is basically that Kylie wants people to know that the person she is on Social Media isn’t who she is in real life. She used to be funny and outgoing, and she’s lost that as she’s become more famous. In a way, I get it. She’s been on TV since she was 9 years old, and she’s never lived a “normal” life. But, on the other hand, she doesn’t have to put herself in the public eye as much as she does. If she wanted to hide out, she could. Look at Rob, nobody knew where he was or what he was doing for 2 years. Delete your social media and call it a day (omg, wait no, please don’t).

In one of the more riveting scenes, Kylie tells us that “taking a selfie is hard because it’s a lot of just, pressure to be perfect.” We get an exclusive glimpse at her posing a few times until she finally nails it and posts it on social media. She gets a measly 3 million likes and shrugs it off like “eh, not bad,” leading me to roll my eyes to the point where it almost hurt. Honestly, it’s a good day for me if my Instagram gets more than 50 likes.


Moving on. I know some people think Kylie has it all, but she didn’t go to prom. I know…chills. If someone asked me if I would rather have the Kylie’s fame & fortune, or the memory of Prom, I’d choose prom every time. 

Anyways, since Kylie was homeschooled, she never got to experience the glitz and glamour of a High School Prom. So naturally, she decided to go with someone who asked her via Twitter (safety first). The plan is to surprise this guy Albert, who doesn’t have a prom date because he’s a bit of a loner. But, the plan is almost ruined because there’s a problem with their private plane. What are they going to do, they need to be in Sacramento in an hour. I was not sweating it, though. We all know that Kris Jenner can make one phone call and have a plane in her backyard, #Momager. Spoiler alert: new plane arrives, they make it to dance. The high school goes fucking nuts because Kylie Jenner is casually at their prom, and Kylie’s like “omg this is, like, kind of crazy lol.” I’m not sure what else she was expecting. Anyways, they all have a great time and Kylie hopes that she’s “changed Albert’s life.” And, the good news is, she got to cross prom off of her bucket list and we can all rest easy knowing that.

Kylie closes out the episode by going to therapy and talking about how she wants to be normal and how she can’t stop getting lip injections. Okay, the second part is made up but she really wants to be normal, you guys. She and Jordan go for a nighttime walk on the beach and Kylie says she doesn’t think her fame will last much longer. And she wishes she could wear sweats every day and just live (same). Hate to break it to you, Kylie, but I don’t think the Kardashian/Jenner empire is going anywhere anytime soon.


Overall I actually did enjoy the show and I can’t wait to keep watching. Or, in the words of Kylie “I’m so excited.” I just hope Scott Disick makes an appearance soon. ​

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