I really wanna lose 3 pounds

If there’s one thing girls love to do, it’s talk about their diets and workout routines. Get a group of girls together and I guarantee the topic will come up at least once. We just can’t seem to keep that shit to ourselves. For every group of guys talking about which pre-workout they take (*sidetone, literally what is pre-workout) or how much they can dead lift, there’s a group of girls talking about this great new quinoa bowl that is literally perfect for lunch prep. Whether someone is trying the Whole 30, or there’s this amaaaazing new barre class you have to try, it will be brought up. You’re not going to go gluten-free, take a 6am cycle class, or swap pasta for zoodles and just not tell your friends about it. ​


​I am 100% guilty of this. I can’t remember the last time I worked out and didn’t tell at least one person about it. Otherwise what was the point? We’re not doing it for our overall health, we’re doing it for attention! Are we in a constant state of trying to one-up everyone else? Probably. Are we all horrible people? Maybe. We just really want to lose 3 pounds.

My favorite is when the topic gets brought up at happy hour over margaritas and nachos. “I’ve been so bad lately. Just treating myself tonight before my diet starts tomorrow.” Spoiler alert, there’s no diet. We like to say it out loud though, so it holds us accountable. As if one of our friends is actually going to call the next day confirming you’ve started your diet. If they do, drop that friend immediately. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


It’s interesting how much talking about this stuff can make you feel like you’re not doing enough. I could workout 5 days in a week and eat the healthiest I’ve ever eaten, but as soon as a friend tells me they’ve given up carbs, I’m kicking myself for not doing the same. Why didn’t I think of that! The day you skip the gym will always be the day you see the most workout selfies on Instagram while you’re eating Halo Top binging Vanderpump Rules re-runs.

We’ll never stop comparing ourselves to our friends and what we see on social media. But don’t forget, that’s not real life. Workout if you want to, don’t if you don’t. Eat kale for lunch, or eat a burger. Have a glass of wine (or 4). Unfollow people who are annoying. Honestly just do what you want because the only person who actually cares is you.

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