Baby #3 is on the way

In case you didn’t hear the news last week, Kim Kardashian’s surrogate is 3 months pregnant. According to UsWeekly (very prestigious news source), Kim and Kanye are using a “San Diego mom in her late 20’s” to carry their 3rd child. They’ve agreed to pay her $45,000 in 10 monthly installments. In the case of twins, triplets, etc, they’ll pay an extra $5,000 per child (what a bargain). TBH I thought a surrogate – especially a surrogate for the Kardashian-Wests – would get paid much more than that. But literally what do I know? I have exactly zero knowledge on how surrogacy works. They did also had to pay the surrogacy agency a deposit of $68,850, so I guess that is a fairly decent chunk of change.

I really think this is a great decision for Kim. She went through excruciating pain during her first two pregnancies (which I know first hand based on personal conversations with her), and even worse, she got cankles. So, I’m with you, Kim, I get it. But, you guys, I have so many questions. First of all, how many pages is her contract, because I have to imagine it can’t be “light readying before bed” material. UsWeekly outlined some of the basics, which are: “no drinking, smoking or drug use; no hot tubs or saunas; no raw fish; and no handling cat litter.” Okay, I’m sorry but this is where you lose me. Yes, I understand the drugs, drinking, etc. But, no handling cat litter? I have concerns. Why can’t a pregnant woman handle cat litter? What are the dangers? What happens when I’m pregnant, can I not handle cat litter? What’s going to happen? Should I consider a surrogate myself so I don’t have to be away from my cat for 9 months? Someone please provide some answers because my head is spinning.

I’m also so curious about who the surrogate is. Even though Khloe, Kourtney and Kris all offered, she decided to take it to an outside source. I mean, let’s get serious, she wasn’t going to let Kris do it because she’s too old despite her best efforts to still be 30. But, I thought for sure she’d give Kourtney a chance! She loves being pregnant like I love going to Target. But, I guess I can see the issues with your sister carrying your baby. What if Kourtney started to feel a connection to it and has to be around all the time wishing it was her own child? I mean she does like to literally deliver her own babies so I imagine she feels pretty close to them afterwards.

So, who did they choose? Such a mystery! Apparently this woman has been a surrogate before, so she knows what she’s doing. But, taking on this particular surrogacy is no easy feat. Props to her. Does she live with them? Kim doesn’t seem like the “check in once a month” type. Does she get free personal training with Kourtney & Khloe’s trainer, Don? (moderated workouts of course, as not to strain herself) How many big salads is she required to incorporate into her diet a weekt?

(*sidenote – who remembers the episode where Penelope is literally sitting at the table with them eating a big salad like she’s a full blown adult? Ugh. I live for P.)

kuwtk-036-w710-h473-2xAlso, how is Kanye handling all of this? There’s no way he’s not controlling every move she makes. And how do they explain it to North and Saint? I guess they’re too young to really understand any of it, but do they event know a know a sibling is on the way? Maybe they’ll make it a Christmas surprise and just tell them the stork dropped him/her off. I guess only time will tell. 

Honestly, best wishes to these two. The world definitely needs more Kardashians. 


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