Another Bachelor baby on the way

In not so shocking Bachelor Nation news, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are expecting their first child in February. This will be Carly’s first child and Evan’s 18th. If you’re anything like me, you immediately did the math and came to the conclusion that Carly was definitely pregnant during her June wedding. Shotgun wedding? Eh, debatable. I do think it obviously sped the process along, but I feel like they would have gotten married regardless.

I have to admit, I used to hate them as a couple. I thought Evan was weird AF on Jojo’s season and even weirder on Bachelor in paradise. He chased after Carly when she was clearly not interested and the two shared that weird spicy jalapeño kiss that caused the whole world to simultaneously cringe. Carly bashed Evan and the date saying she “didn’t understand how he had children.” Ouch. Looks like the tables have turned quite a bit.

Things started looking up for Evan when he got sent to the hospital (I can’t remember why – wasn’t he faking it to get Carly’s attention? Nice, Evan.) and Carly decided she couldn’t resist the sight of his mustache in the back of the ambulance. They fell in love right then and there, got engaged on the BIP finale and now they’re living happily in Nashville with Evans 34 kids and a baby on the way. V romantic. I will say, I listened to them on Kaitlyn’s podcast and they actually seem pretty normal and genuine. I’d get drinks with them for sure. carly-evan-wedding-bachelor-6_origI’m happy for Carly. She finally got the BIP redemption she deserved. The first season didn’t go so well with her after Kirk turned out to be a fuckboy and broke up with her on one of the last days in Paradise. Remember when she skipped her brother’s wedding to be on the show? Good times. TBH, the breakup scene was pretty emotional. She was completely blindsided and ran into the arms of her BFF Jade. Everyone watching took a moment of silence to appreciate their own girlfriends and collectively decided to boycott Kirk.

Seems like there must be something in the water, because Jade and Tanner are also expecting a baby girl of their own. They had a ‘babymoon’ in Maui, which, like, what? But I’m sure the whole thing was paid for as long as they agreed to post an Instagram about how nice the hotel sheets were. So, yeah, I would have done the same thing too. Good on ya, Jade & Tanner. Bachelor babies all around!

So, who will be next? My money is on Kaitlyn & Shawn. Just please say it’s not Vanessa & Nick.

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